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24 May
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~Intro To Me~

I know your probly reading this and wanting so much to find out the more awesome things about me.. But to tell you the truth there isn’t anything awesome about me.. Really I don’t think there’s anything awesome about anyone.. People are born to be different, and if you do something better then that next person then to me you were just born to make something of that talent.

Ok in a few words or less here is who I am.. Remember I cant fit what’s all about me in this little statement so your gonna really have to sum up the rest K! Here we go, Dramatic, Asshole, Sullen, Heart Broken, Depressed, Dark, Fun, Wild, Absence… And yeah as I go along ill put some more words here as I think of them for now this is my little profile and that’s all there is to it, HUFF!!

OK so here are some like things about me if you really wanna know and are still reading.. Name I think i said this beforebut if i didnt its Elexis, a.k.a BIS(yeah i did say this before didnt I)? I got to Kiva high school in the TINT lol a.k.a Tintion Falls NJ.. Next year i will be in my last year of HIgh school and if all gose well I will be off to collage.. I plan to go to UTI in PA or OTC in OH but yeah... OTC says they want me but i donnno i would miss my family and friends to much and atlest in PA ill be able to drive home.

Im a tomboy, but i love love makeup.. I dont wear it all the time but when i do its Dramatic.. Im starting to get to where i will wake up a few mins early just to make sure i have foundation and eye liner on.. I know i cant help it but i look tottle different when its on and i love it..
Other then that yeah I have nothing more to say really.. But yeah Love! HUFF!!

Ok today i think is a good day to put a little bit more about me because im just that way today!!
Im In love with Japan, and the Asain Culture!! I wish i was born in Japan I would be to happy!! But to im fuckin America and well ill just ahve to deal with it no wont I. When i get out of school I plan to go to school at OTC or UTI for Auto-Motive but i wanna study Jappanesse so i can make my big plans on moveing there some day.. Or atlest spending a good chunck of time there makeing some friend... I want to speek like 3 differnt ling-gos ver flunt. Japanesse(duh) Spanish, and Thi.. Yeah little do people really know I plan to do something with my life.. And hey if the Auto thing dont work out i can always go back to Law.. but hey... yeah..(^_^)

If you Think you wanna be my LJ Buddie here are some Gidelines for Adding me.(and getting added back.)
1. Just adding me And not leaveing any comment stateing that you added me.. Is a no go.. When i go over my friends list (i do it every few days) and I see a random name.. You will be removed...(Sorry for the people that I delete be act.. I get a little hasty).
2. I would like People who are over the age of 12 to comment.. Not that I have anything wrong with younger people its just that older people can relate more.
3.When you request to be a friend please tell me what group your from.. and a lil about your self to refresh my momory..
And yeah thats about it.. See nothing to hard eh?